Children and Young People

I work with children and young people in an open and transparent youth friendly way.  Incorporating creative interventions in order to explore and assist understanding of issues, this leads to the young person being able to make sense of and find their own solutions to problems.   In the process they learning strategies that they can add to their toolbox, which they can then utilise these throughout their lives.

I feel that it is important to create a safe space in order to facilitate a comfortable environment for the young person, this includes ensuring they know that they have confidentiality in sessions.   I appreciate that this can be worrying for parents as they may feel that they need to know how their child is doing and want to know what is troubling them.   Within my contract, (which is signed by both parent and child), it is agreed by both how the confidentiality aspect of the counselling will be maintained.  This is so that a good rapport and trusting relationship can be built, in order for the work to be effective and enable the young person to engage.   I am bound by BACP and NCS ethical code of conduct and therefore would break confidentiality should it become apparent that there was either a safeguarding issue or one of child protection.    I would also share general information about progress or information that would be important for a parent to know.

Coping with bereavement

Bereavement and loss is something that we all have to face at some time in our lives.  It can stop us in our tracks and seem insurmountable when it happens.  The grieving process is a natural and normal response to this,  without limit on the time we grieve or how we experience it.

Our reaction and how we manage grief differs widely with individuals, some of the ways in which we try to cope can keep us trapped in the process, impacting upon our day to day functioning, leaving us feeling stuck and unable to move forward.  It can be difficult to experience the painful emotions that loss can bring and it is a natural response to avoid this, so we bury unwanted feelings.   Eventually though these will spill out in some way, forcing us to look at what we are trying to avoid.

Young people experience grief differently and often may try to shield a parent, or other relatives from further upset.   They may have a need to talk about the deceased person, yet they feel unable to do so, for fear of causing further distress to loved ones.  Supressing these natural emotions can lead to anxiety, stress or present as low mood.  Exploring a young person’s grief through creative means can enable them to work through the painful emotions indirectly, enabling them to make sense of and come to terms with, loss or bereavement in the most appropriate way for them.

I offer a safe space where issues around loss and bereavement can be explored in a warm and supportive environment.  Exploring that which is important for the client at their pace and with their choice of focus.