Hello and welcome to my web page.

I’m Glenny, I worked as a nurse in the NHS for many years before diversifying into counselling and life coaching.  Working with both adults and children I noticed how important it was for people to have support in life, whether it was facing challenges, change or even just finding life difficult at times.

I offer a comfortable, nurturing environment in which to safely explore those issues or problems, that may be hindering you from reaching your full potential.  My aim is to accompany you on your journey as you are the expert on you, helping you to gain insights and encouraging you to be the best you, that you can be.

In today’s busy world we often put ourselves last as we don’t believe that we are worthy or we may have been brought up with the belief that it is somehow selfish to put ourselves first.  But to live a full and fulfilled life I would suggest that you first have to take care of you.  It is your life and you are the star of your show.  If you imagine you were a cup, if you are constantly giving of yourself to others without first taking care of your needs, you will soon be depleted and unable to offer anything to anyone, including yourself.  However,  if you take care of yourself nurturing and fulfilling your needs first, then you will be full to overflowing, having so much more to offer and give to yourself and others as well as feeling amazing.  Because you are worth it.