During these unusual and stressful times, we are faced with new unprecedented challenges, situations and circumstances.

Each of us trying to find ways of managing and coping with a life that is so far removed from what we know, and are comfortable with.  The uncertainty, and for some the losses of the important things in our lives, such as family, friends, work and normal activities can feel unbearable.  During these times we need more than ever a network of support, however it can also bring to light those things in our lives that were perhaps not working, or that we have made us unhappy, but we have simply put up with.  For many this has been a time of re-evaluating and looking at the work /life balance.  Moving forward, it is an opportunity to identify what is really important to us, and how we want to live our lives, after all we only have one.

Like the Sunflower, we need nuturing not only with nutrients for a strong and healthy body which it gets from the soil and water, but also the warmth and comfort of the sun which we thrive under.  The Sunflower can grow to enormous heights, the tallest recorded being over 30 feet.  It follows the sun from dawn to dusk and on darker days sunflowers face each other. We also need nourishment, warmth, affection, and support for our health and wellbeing,  Now more than ever, we need understanding and support as we navigate our way through these times as well as being understanding of our friends, neighbours and communities.

Changing our ways of working is just one of the adjustments we are having to make.  I am therefore offering online and telephone support for the foreseeable future.  Please see my  page on contact and fees.