Can Counselling Help Me?

In this fast paced world of today, it can often feel like you are facing your problems alone.  This may not be always be the case but you may feel your are unable to share your worries or be feeling stuck.  Having a secure, confidential space in which to explore your concerns can help you find the right solution for you.  Therapy may be short term or longer depending upon your needs and is reviewed regularly.



As children we are taught that it is selfish to put ourselves first, yet if we do not care for ourselves we become depleted and unable to offer anything to anyone.   The most important person in your life is yourself.   When we are happy, fulfilled and reaching our own potential we are abundant and so able to offer help and support to others.   Clients often find that their lives change with the insights gained, deriving a new perspective when challenging old beliefs and noticing how changing thoughts, emotions and behaviours can often bring about an increase in self confidence and control in one’s life.

Without thought we give the very best to those we love and often make do and mend when it comes to ourselves.  Being overly self critical and having unrealistic expectations of yourself, especially when you reach a particularly difficult part in your journey in this life.  This can make asking for help very difficult.  You may consider that you do not deserved such an expense.   Yet  you are important and clients often report that counselling has made an impact upon their lives.    Helping them to gain a different perspective or gain new insights.